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All Over Colour

If you’re looking to achieve an all over, even colour throughout your hair, then this service is the one for you - the colour is applied from scalp to ends, covering every strand of your hair. 

An all over colour will achieve 100% grey coverage, and we would use this technique if you are hoping to change the colour of your hair entirely. 

We can introduce different tones to those found in your natural hair, to make the hair warmer or cooler.


The all over colour will take up to 30 minutes to apply, but for the complete service with a wash, cut and blow, please allow at least 2 hours.         

The all over colour process 


  1. A skin test is required at least 48 hours before this service – please note, this will take 45 minutes at our salon and we can do a consultation at this time if you wish

  2. Thorough consultation

  3. The colour is applied to the scalp as a block colour on the roots first, and then taken through to the ends of the hair 

  4. Leave to develop

  5. Rinse and apply treatment and if required


The price for an all over colour are:

Junior Stylist: £42.5

Stylist: £47.0

Senior Stylist: £53.0

Cara: £56.5

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