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Cara Gibbs Hairdressing - High quality h

Meet The Team

Cara Gibbs - Owner

Cara has been in the hairdressing and beauty industry for long as she can remember. Starting life as an apprentice, she worked her way up through many hairdressing positions before going solo and starting her own mobile hairdressing business.

However, mobile hairdressing was only temporary. Cara's dream was to always open and own her own hair salon. In 2018, her dream came true, and the salon you see today was born.

As well as her love for all things hair, Cara loves to travel, indulge in good food and enjoy a nice tall glass of red wine.


Olivia (senior stylist)

Hey! Im Olivia and i started working for Cara mid November of 2021- which i am absolutely loving!

I have over 14 years experience. Working with a variety of professional brands over the years, ranging from TIGI, bed head, Paul Mitchell, wella, Kevin Murphy, Redken and FFOR.

I believe in knowing a range of knowledge on various brands is good,as its widened my expertise in hair care over the years.

I love learning about new products and tools. I am a big believer in scalp and hair care, no good hair comes from a bad scalp.

I love using products with natural ingredients in, for the reason that its environmentally friendly and our skin cells are the basic building blocks of the skin structure - so it is very important to me. I believe natural as can be is the best situation with little if any irritation caused.

I have naturally curly hair, cant say iv ever hated it - but now as an experienced hair Stylist i LOVE IT. low maintenance, full of life, with each curl defined differently every day - curly hair never looks the same.

My passion outside of work is brisk walks with the birds singing and the skies as blue as can be. I love weight training, yoga and meditation which i practice 2 to 3 times a week- which i must admit helps my body and mind relax and recuperate for work the following day.

I love my job, i always have. My passion is still alive after a good while.

olivia - senior stylist.jpeg

Katy (senior stylist)

Hello, my name is katy. I started at cara gibbs hairdressing in January 2022 as I had a little break to have my daughter Mia but I wanted to get back to doing what I love.


I have over 12 years experience and i have worked in salons in Altrincham and sale. My favourite thing to do is colour, especially foiling and balayage. I like making clients happy and feel good about themselves.

I am looking forward to meeting new clients and starting the next chapter of my career.

Ellie (junior stylist)

Hi, I’m Ellie and I’m an apprentice at Cara Gibbs Hairdressing . I started with Cara in September 2021.

I’m very passionate about my role as I love making people feel and look amazing. My aim of the game is not just make you look good but feel good too, I absolutely love a good chit chat whilst carrying out my services.

When I was little I used to love putting makeup on and doing different wild hairstyles in my hair. 

I can’t wait to start learning more about colours and different products. It interests me why we use different products on different hair styles. I watch Cara and the team while they do colours and cuts etc, so I can gain knowledge and confidence.

I’ve just started doing root colours and blow drys which are going amazingly well. I’ve learnt the basics about how to keep your scalp healthy and the benefits of the shampoo’s we use here in the salon.

In the future, I’ve always wanted to do hair extensions which here in the salon we don’t do yet, which I would love to bring the service here for clients.

In my spare time, I like to go and spend time with my friends and do different activities. 

I also love going on holiday with my family and spending quality time with them.

ellie - junior stylist.jpeg
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