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Colour Correction

If you’re recovering from a hair faux pas, a box dye mix-up, or you need to strip out old colours, then you will most likely need a colour correction. 


A colour correction is a transformation which requires more steps than just a follow up appointment.


Light to dark 


If you want your hair to transform from light to dark we would “pre pig” the hair, which means applying pure tone into the hair, before applying the desired colour – if this is not done, the hair that has previously had a product for lightening on will not hold the colour, as it needs to be prepped. 


Treatments such as Wellaplex help your hair recover. The healthier your hair is, the better it will hold onto the colour. We can recommend take home products to support this process and move it along quicker. 


Dark to light


If you want to lift a dark block colour from your hair to make it lighter, we would need to use either a bleach bath or Wella ‘colour renew’.


It often is a working progress, and we cannot always achieve the desired look in one visit to the salon. We will advise on this in the consultation before we start the service, so you can decide on the best option for you.

The colour renew is applied to dry hair from roots to mid lengths and ends, left on for between 5 and 45 minutes, depending on desired colour reduction service. It is then rinsed with water only; the hair is dried, and the desired colour is applied. 


A bleach bath, a mixture of bleach, shampoo and water, will lift hair in depth prior to applying desired colour. It is applied to towel dried hair; and the time the bath stays on will depend on its condition and how dark it is to begin with. 


This can be rinsed and re-applied for a second time. 


Finally, the hair will be rinsed again, shampooed, a post colour treatment will be used to help the hair recover, and then desired colour is applied.


An example cost for colour correction would be £172.10 This includes a wellaplex treatment, cut and blow dry. 


For an exact cost, please get in touch.

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