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Root Melt

Using a semi-permanent colour, a root melt is used to blend two colours into one. 

The colour is applied to the scalp, usually over pre-lightened ends, and it’s blended so you are not able to see where one colour ends and another one starts. 

We choose a shade as close to your natural colour as possible for the roots and a second colour for the ends of the hair. 


The root melt service will take 60 minutes, but please allow at least 2.5 hours for a wash, cut and blow dry. 


The root melt process;

  1. A skin test is required at least 48 hours before this service – please note, this will take 45 minutes at our salon and we can do a consultation at this time if you wish

  2. Thorough consultation

  3. The colour is applied from the nape of the neck in sections moving up the head

  4. On the scalp with the root colour and blended into the ends with the second colour

  5. Leave to develop

  6. Rinse and apply treatment and if required


The price for a root melt are:

Junior Stylist: £44.0

Stylist: £48.5

Senior Stylist: £55.0

Cara: £58.5

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