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Enhance Colour Treatments

Pre-colour treatment 


This ‘in-salon’ treatment enhances the structural surface of your hair, to prepare for any colour being applied. 


It enhances the hairs surface, smoothness and shine to ensure colour is spread more evenly throughout the hair. 


The treatment is sprayed on dry hair, concentrated on the porous parts of the hair until it’s saturated. The hair is then blow dried ever so slightly before the colour is applied as usual. 


Our Pre-Colour Treatment price is £12.00


Post-colour treatment 


Once your colour has been applied, the post-colour treatment is used to strengthen the hair’s structure, while improving colour molecules with optimized ph.


This quick and easy treatment takes just 30 seconds, and will help colour last longer, stay more vibrant, and ensure hair stays healthier. 


Our Post Colour Treatment price is £12.00

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