Highlights are finely weaved sections of hair to create a very natural look, using various colours close in depth, to create a lovely blend of shades.


If you have a mix of dark and grey hair, highlights are a good way to disguise this as we can add both light and dark colours and blend seamlessly. 


Using more than one colour means the regrowth is more subtle and involves less maintenance. 


There are various coverage options when you have highlights;

Parting highlights – the section of hair along the parting – 2-2 ½ hours


Half head highlights – along the sides and the section along the parting – 2 ½ hours-3 hours


Full head highlights – underneath, along the sides and the section along the parting – 4 hours


The service time includes development time, cut and blow, treatments and toners.


The highlights process;

  • A skin test is required at least 48 hours before this service – please note, this will take 45 minutes at our salon and we can do a consultation at this time if you wish

  • Thorough consultation

  • Weave sections of the hair into foil 

  • Leave to develop

  • Rinse and apply treatment and toner if required

Highlights prices:

Please note, these prices do not include toner or styling. 

  • Half Head Highlights - £64.20

  • Full Head Highlights - £105.80

  • Parting Highlights - £35.00

  • Half Head Highlights and Colour - £105.80

  • Full Head Highlights and Colour - £126.30

  • Parting Highlights and Colour - £66.70