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Root Tint 

Root tints are perfect if we have already put colour on your hair and will help you maintain a fresh look at all times, the colour is applied close to the scalp and covers the regrowth area of your hair. 

We would primarily do a root tint to maintain your colour, rather than take the colour through to the ends of your hair. 

We can help banish the greys – with 100% grey coverage with a permanent root tint.

The root tint will take 30 minutes to apply, but for the complete service with a wash, cut and blow, please allow up to 2.5 hours. 


The root tint process;

  1. A skin test is required at least 48 hours before this service – please note, this will take 45 minutes at our salon and we can do a consultation at this time if you wish

  2. Thorough consultation

  3. The colour is applied to the scalp on the re-growth

  4. Leave to develop

  5. Rinse and apply treatment and if required


The price for a root tint are:

Junior Stylist: £36.0

Stylist: £39.5

Senior Stylist: £45.0

Cara: £48.00  

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