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Ombre, French for the word “shaded”, is a blend of two colours, dark at the root and lighter on the ends of the hair.


It requires a lightening product to create the lighter ends and is a seamless blend between the two colours.


As with balayage, it’s important we complete a consultation place before your ombre service, to ensure we are able to achieve the desired look when you come for your appointment and you leave the salon with the hair you dreamed of. 


Time scales will vary depending on the look you want to achieve, but please allow 5 hours or more for this full service.


An example cost for the ombre look, would be a full head balayage highlights, free hand bleach between foils, Wellaplex or Olaplex treatment, a root melt, and long hair cut and blow at a cost of £251.20


Example process (exact process would depend on your specific hair, and chosen look)


  1. A skin test is required at least 48 hours before this service – please note, this will take 45 minutes at our salon and we can do a consultation at this time if you wish

  2. Thorough consultation - we will ask that you bring pictures of the look you want to achieve

  3. Balayage style foils are put in the hair 

  4. Free hand bleach is applied to the hair left out between the foils 

  5. Leave to develop

  6. Rinse and apply Wellaplex or Olaplex treatment

  7. Rinse and apply root melt to wet or dry hair 

  8. Rinse, occasionally we double tone at this point

  9. Rinse and move on to cut and styling 


Our Ombre service is quoted upon consultation - please get in touch.

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