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WellaPlex Bond Builder

With the OPTI ph system, the WellaPlex Bond Builder enables optimal penetration of lifting and dye molecules, for perfect colour and lightening development.


The treatment reconstructs hair bonds for stronger, healthier, more manageable hair. 


Step by step


  1. When colouring or lifting hair, we apply step 1 (bond maker) into the colour or bleach

  2. Once the colour has developed, we rinse the colour and before shampooing we use step 2 (bond stabilizer) this stays on for 10 minutes

  3. We can offer a relaxing head massage during this time or sit you up while this is on if preferred

  4. This is then shampooed out of the hair

  5. A number 3 hair stabilizer is an optional take home product that is recommended once a week to keep hair strong, smooth and soft

  6. Number 3 hair stabilizer is created to fully reap the benefits of the WellaPlex in salon service. The products recommended to use with number 3 hair stabilizer is the Wella fusion range

  7. This ‘in salon’ WellaPlex treatment can also be done as a stand-alone treatment, it doesn’t have to be used with a colour or lifting process 

  8. We would pre-shampoo the hair – apply number 1 bond maker leave for 5 minutes – apply number 2 bond stabilizer leave for 10 minutes – rinse – shampoo and condition using fusion 


Our WellaPlex price is £27.3 and is available in salon only

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